repair of float tank?

While practicing my leg drive/rotation

on my powerstroke my foot sheared the float tank

of on the bow left front float tank.

On first glance it seems like all I need to do

is clean the old surfaces, epoxy and lay some glass over the shear/rip. This is on my old Jensen 18.

Am I on th eright trail or should I remove all the old tank and start over?

Contacted wenonah but I guess it was too late Friday and the y haven’t gotten back to me yet.

Charlie, you have got to back off !
Your going to be all worn out before you even get to the ninty miler !

Plaid Paddler says stuff some foam in there and seal it with bubble gum



or bazooka bubble gum?

Stuff Jack
in there and seal him with duct tape.

Charlie, I would just repair the broken side. If you pull it out you will have to deal with applying glass in the very narrow and cramped space under the gunwales at the bow stem.

If you are putting that much foot pressure on the hull, we better get one of those Hobie fin drive setups and put your legs to real use.


Hey Bill…
What’s the good, (I hope good) word on the water levels ?


Streams around here were down till we got a lot of rain last night and today. I will be up north of Watertown on Thursday and will check river levels. Its still over 6 weekes till the race and it can go up or down before then. We will have a better idea after the 30 miler on August 10, but that is still a month before the 90.

Low is miserable, it makes Brown’s Tract a single narrow lane, really tough in the 23’ long MN-IV. The lakes won’t change much, but coming off Long Lake can be a 1/2 mile mudflat with only a 3’wide channel deep enough to float a canoe. Below Raquette Falls for a mile gets real boney and the Saranace River between Middle Saranac and Lower Saranac Lakes turns to suckwater all the way.

The boardwalk at Browns Tract is being replaced and Brian’s last report had 125’ completed as of 7/18. That will be a big help especially if the water is low.

Bring lots of beer for Randy and Charlie, it’ll pass thru and help raise the stream levels.


Had a good training paddle yesterday
except for the 95 degree heat heat.

The crew needed a quick swim every five miles to keep the bods from overheating.

We are doing much better and it has actually been fun, although slow.