Repair of Werner paddle

My Kuaui paddle has developed a couple of half inch cracks and the ferrule has a fair bit of wobble where the 2 halves join due to thinning of the carbon inside the female half. I sent photos to Werner and they offer to cut a total of 12 cm (6 cm from each half), drill new holes, for $50 plus shipping. I think this will make the paddle too short.

Any suggestions for other solutions? I’m thinking of turning it into a 1 piece paddle permanently. If I do this what would you suggest? Gorilla Glue? Or fiberglass the two halves together (how?)


I would use a good epoxy, not gorilla.

Werner Paddle
If the paddle is fairly new Werner would probably replace it. Vaughn Fulton

The shaft and ferule are like material
so the ferule itself is probably worn down too.

You could cut only the female side down and see how the fit is but only gonna wear down again quick since there will probably be some movement from the ferule being small.

Once the shaft is worn internally like that, even on the beefy Werners, the female side is going to break right at the end of the ferule or where the button holes are drilled.

If you still want a two piece, suggest minimum you cut off is up to the button and then redrill, preferably only one hole.

If thinking of bonding it together, yes use thickend epoxy. Put a light coat on both halves and push together with a quarter turn or so. If you are going this route, you really should still cut off at LEAST two inches from the female side to get the ferule back into original thickness shaft.

Hope that helps.

How old is the paddle?