Repair or replace Eddyline stern bulkhea

I just purchased a used Eddyline Nighthawk. I have the habit of exiting a touring kayak by lifting myself onto the stern behind the seat above the bulkhead. This maneuver caused the clear plastic stern bulkhead to come loose at the bottom. I read some another forum that recommended lexal or 3m 5200 marine sealant to repair a bulkhead. But I am wondering since I habitually sit above the stern bulkhead to exit a kayak, wouldn’t I be better off replacing the plastic bulkhead with a couple of inches of foam formed into a stern bulkhead?

Your exit method is like mine, and
if the cockpit isn’t ridiculously long, there isn’t another way.

Can’t tell you what to do about the bulkhead, but if it were mine, I would probably go the foam route. I’d use 3" thick minicell. But cutting it accurately will be tricky.

if you can remove the plastic

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bulkhead, you could use it as a template to make a foam one... minicell is fairly easy to cut with a bandsaw, if you know someone with a woodworking shop.

(edit) also if you wanted some extra reinforcement, you could add a foam pillar perpendicular to the bulkhead, supporting the hull just aft of the cockpit. (msg me if you want a picture of this)

If you use the old one as a template…
…cut the foam bulkhead ~1/4" larger all the way around, so it’s a snug fit in the boat. You’ll get a better seal and better support that way.

Devcon Plastic Welder
This is the adhesive that is used to seam and bulkhead Eddylines. You can get this from Eddyline or find it at most hardware stores and even…Walmart.