Repair/Replace bulkhead

The bow bulkhead on my husband’s 18 ft. eddyline needs to be repaired. The sealant or glue has broken and water from the cockpit freely moves into the forward hatch.

He tried a marine adhesive - that didn’t really hold it for long…any suggestions? We need to get this fixed before our summer trip.

Thanks, everyone!

West Systems G-Flex Epoxy.

Call Eddyline?
If they don’t have a satisfactory recommendation, I would favor G Flex. Read the Epoxyworks wesite articles on repairing thermoplastic with G Flex for info on prepping the surface to strengthen the bond. I suggest G Flex 655 for your intended use, since it will run less than 650, which is the unthickened version.

Adhesive recommendation

You can always give us a call regarding concerns and questions like this. Our recommended adhesive for Carbonlite 2000 is Devcon Plastic Welder.

It’s also available at a number of hardware stores and hobby shops.