Repair suggestions for my Eddyline?

My newish Eddyline Sitka LT has suffered some unfortunate damage. You can see in the photo where the top is separating a bit from the hull. Obviously I’ve tried to repair it using epoxy but it didn’t hold for very long. Once I strapped it to my roof rack, the seam popped again.

The inside seam is completely intact so there’s no danger of it leaking or anything but I’d like to keep it from getting worse. In my attempted repair, I simply taped off the area with painter’s tape then put on a bead of epoxy.

Is there a better way to go about this or a particular product I should try using? Thanks very much for the help!

I would contact Eddyline for advice. Contact - eddylinekayaks


Yes, certainly not a bad idea. Thank you.

There are some videos online about repairing Eddyline. Epoxy doesn’t work.

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Thank you. Nothing so far about my specific repair but I’ve contacted Eddyline for advice. Maybe just going with the recommended plastic welder will do the trick.

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Don’t strap down your boat so tight on the rack. It is how a lot of boats get damaged.