Repair touch ups?

Ok, I’ve put a couple of fiberglass patches on a glass canoe, used epoxy for the patches. How long should I wait before I overcoat with a first layer of paint. I’m using enamel.

Thanks John

Depending on brand of epoxy…
…a couple days should be fine. You would get the best adhesion by wiping down with lacquer thinner, followed by plain water, and then scuff sand with 250-300 grit sandpaper.

I Mostly use West Systems but have used

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others before I found West Systems and I do it a day or two later , making sure that it has completely hardened.
Like the above post says, scuff the surface with sandpaper so the paint will adhere.
Then spray it with a good grade automotive paint following the directions on the can

Jack L

For the replies guys. That’s pretty much what I was thinking, just wanted to get opinions from more experienced DIYers before I proceeded.


Don’t forget the primer
Clean the surface to remove any blush or other contaminants, sand, prime, sand (repeat as necessary to get the desires surface), then paint.