Help! Ants built their nest in the bulkhead of my old plastic kayak. Now it’s like swiss cheese with one side unattached. Not a very waterproof hatch anymore!!! Any ideas about how to replace it? This kayak is an old Spectrum Aquaterra 13 footer.

miniclel make a template
using some kind of wire or heavy solder or… to get the shape. Do not make the minicell bolkhead so large that it presses out on your boat and deforms it. Glue it in with 3m 5200 or lexel.

Hopefully Nystrom or one of the repair titans will expand and refine this approach. Do not use silicone though. If you ever need to reglue it, it’s trouble.

Thank you! Any ideas where I find the bulkhead material (minicell?)

Online source
try and click on “products” for closed cell foam. That’s where I got mine.



If you email me…
…I’ll send you some instructions for replacing bulkheads.