Repairing a Stellar s16 Advantage kayak?

I used a Stellar s16 Advantage kayak for my paddle and hike of the Lewis and Clark Trail, St. Louis to the Pacific.

I loved the boat, but it was damaged in shipping, and then I cracked it in some rapids on the upper Missouri, and one soft spot mysteriously appeared at the end of the trip.

The one soft spot about 10 inches across I didn’t touch yet.

Another soft spot about the same size I covered with epoxy during the trip.

The crack I epoxied on the outside and fiber-glassed on the inside during the trip.

I also put epoxy on multiple places where the gel-coat was dinged.

This kayak has a Gelcoat exterior with epoxy fiberglass laminate.

Any estimates of what it would cost to repair this kayak? It’s value after repair?

Any recommendations on what shop could do the work? Currently it’s in Montana, but I could bring it to the west coast or points in between.


Sterling kayaks in Bellingham, WA used to do such work. Then there is Blackline Marine in Sydney, BC. Probably spendy in either case.

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Thank you rsevenic

Try few boat yards they may use a service that drops in to do glass work on boats. My friend has a business like that in Long Island NY. Probably want to spray whole bottom with gelcoat. Depends how perfect you want it.

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Thanks for the suggestion PaddleDog52.

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You could also roll and tip the bottom with Interlux Perfection Top Coat a two part paint. Super durable. They also make a one part called Bright side. They are 85 and 50 respectfully for a quart. Both durable the two part is super durable. I tried sanding off some two part on a dock box. I was using a random orbital with 80 grit it was super tough. I just did a small area for a test couple of years ago. I also used it on a fiberglass flag pole 8 years ago still shiney. I did a kayak with it 12 years ago still shines great top and bottom . Slight fade on the yellow if you look at where hatch covers hull but still glossy.

Probably 140 for all required items for two part. You need thinner 30 and primer 45 if you want to prime it. Sand paper and few brushes.

Thanks for the idea PaddleDog52!

I have an acquaintance who refurbishes kayaks … until they look brand new. He occasionally uses Interlux paint.

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they are in Virginia…

Thanks Overstreet!

Place to go if you want to travel that far. Probably give you an estimate with pictures or good video.

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Look at You Tube on next Tuesday they, Turning Point Boatworks, will be doing a special on a repair they did on an infused boat that had a tree fold it.


Cool it’s getting done :+1: