Repairing a wet suit

The seams of my wet suit are coming apart and it has a few small holes in it. The backing on the seams has come lose and there is a hard residue that’s flaking off. Since it’s a fine wet suit otherwise and would rather not spend the $$ for a new one, what can I do to repair it and where can I get the materials to do so.

And any and probably every scuba shop will have it in stock. Works great, I’ve extended the useful life of a wet suit by several years thanks to the stuff. Buy the smallest tube that will fill your need, because once it’s open, it is gonna harden pretty quick, no matter how careful you are about closing the top.

Keep the Aquaseal tube in the Freezer and it will last years (also, wipe a tiny dab of vaseline around the threads on the tube so that the lid doesn’t glue itself onto the tube).

Just did my suit…
I ebayed a surplus drysuit knowing it would need repair. I used Aquaseal on the seams and they’re water tight now. However, it’s much easier to work with if you mix it with Cotol, which is a thinner/accelerator. The thinned Aquaseal is much easier to work with (just brush it on) and it’ll cure in 2 hours, not 24. You’ll also get a thinner coat that doesn’t make the seams stiff.

You can get both the Aquaseal and Cotol at NRS.