Repairing Airalite?

-- Last Updated: Jun-29-06 9:54 AM EST --

As mentioned in another, earlier thread, Forward Air bashed my wife's new Perception Airalite Sonoma. Looks like they dropped it on it's nose on concrete. The tip is scuffed pretty hard, and there are some pretty major scratches/gouges around and under the bow.

Perception's website says that you can "repair" Airalite with SuperGlue, but these are some pretty serious gouges.

Does anybody have any other ideas, that will work on a larger scale than some SuperGlue?


See if it was me
I would have turned around as soon as I saw the damage and taken it back to the shipper. Why pay for a damaged kayak? Make them ship it back to the company and get a new one.

I called
As soon as I got home & unwrapped it to find the damage, I called them. Got the “Well, you accepted it” routine.

They did send a rep out to inspect it. I’m now waiting for their decision, but not hopeful.

As for taking it back, I can’t see that it would’ve done any good. What would I do? Drop it off? Then what? The kayak was paid for, as well as the shipping. So, I’d be out the costs, AND not have a kayak. As least this way I have a kayak to use, albeit a damaged one.

Rather than turn this into an argument on how to handle the FA issue, I’m just interested in how to make a semi-acceptable repair to cover most of the visual impact of the gouges.

first of all…
…just because you inspected it & took it along doesn’t seal your fate…it was concealed damage & you notified them right away.

Be prepared for a fight with the adjuster, but I’d just try to get some compensation from them towards repair costs…maybe a local paddle or boat shop can give you an estimate. They may insist you actually have the work done at a shop but why not (if they’re paying!)

I don’t know what the best solution is for scratches but if that’s all you have be glad…it will get scratched up soon enough anyway.

Just a thought: My Sonoma came with thick foam blocks actually adhered to the fore and aft tips (still have the glue residue to prove it). They must have discontinued doing this but what a shame…might have eliminated your problem.

Can always
threaten to take them to small claims court, will not cost you anything and you can name the president of the shipping company on the docket so he/she has to show up in court! Did it once and they quickly settled out of court.