repairing crack in plastic kayak

Is there ny way to repair a 3 inch crack in a pun go ultra light kayak? It is above the waterline.

Pungo ultralight
My understanding is that this boat is constructed of acrylic over ABS plastic. My choice would be to bevel out the crack somewhat, then fill it in with G Flex epoxy which bonds well to ABS. Preferably thicken the epoxy a bit with silica powder. Overfill slightly, wet sand flush, then spray paint to match the hull as best you can.

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If it was me and…

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the crack was all the way through to the inside, I would roughen the surface, wet out a piece of fiberglass with G-flex epoxy then smooth it down.
While it is still wet, tape a piece of clear stiff film, like looseleaf page protector or overhead projector film over it. When it dries, peel the film off and you should have a nice glass like finish. You might need a second coat of Epoxy over it.

jack L

Stop drill both ends of the crack to prevent it from growing!!!

Wat ah’ did…

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18" crack along de keel and stem wit a side crack.

Then later after parlayin' wit Patrick Onno over de telephone ah' put on anudder 2 wider layers o' glass over deez both inside an' out.. Sanded ta a nice flair an' sprayed a matchin' coat o' paint. Toyned out purty well.