Repairing Kayak

I have a hole the size of a quarter in my kayak and am planning to buy a kit to repair it. I am very new to kayaking so this is a first attempt in repairing one.

My question is, do the patches work well? I am wondering if it is worth it or not to try. They are about 10 bucks at the Sporting Goods place I called.

Thank you in advance for any advice/feedback, denise

A bit more info needed
What material are you repairing? Is it poly, fiberglass, carbon, kevlar, inflatable, or???

It’s Polyethylene
but I was reading yesterday and their are two types. All I can find on this kayak is the word Spitfire. I will look at it again today before I go buy a kit.

Thank you for replying, I don’t know how to set this forum to send a notification. Maybe there isn’t a way but I will check back today and see if anyone, or you, have written again:)


You might try
Hot glue. It might not be the best repair available, but I have used hot glue to fix other plastic stuff and it works pretty well. I’m not sure whether it is available in different colors.

there are a dozenways to repair
a plastic boat from duct-tape & a hot spoon to hot-melt glue to a scrap piece of plastic & a heating gun.

The thing I would suggest is that if you patch, round the corners of the patch.

If you melt, be very careful as there is a half-second between the right temp and the entire bottom melting.

If you fill (I do that with above-water holes), back the hole, fill, then patch over the fill.

I had to patch a very large hole in the bow of my boat. (redhead with big boobs and no brains dragged it behind her truck) It took a bunch of tries before I got it workable and I still want to redo that patch.

so take your time witht he work. do NOT rush it.

You can check your area
for outfitters who rent plastic boats. Odds are they have or know someone who has a plastic welder, check with them for a price.

Good luck