Repairing leaky bulkheads

I have a skeg equipped P&H Capella 166 RM with leaky bulkheads.

I have been unsuccessful in applying sealants around the bulkheads while in place. Is the only way to repair them to remove completely and apply some type of epoxy?

What is the best method to fix it?

Don’t know about that boat, but if you
should decide to remove the bulkheads and glue them in again, and if your boat is a composite, I would recommend the new West G-flex epoxy. It is easy to use, and somewhat flexible when it sets, so it is less likely to crack and leak from a blow to the hull.

Not a composite

marine goop
worked for me in my plastic sirocco with foam bulkheads. Cleaned the area (in the boat) with some alcohol, then slopped it on, left dry for a few days and all is well. Did not remove the bulkhead.

Lexel is what most manufactures use.
If you used any silicone sealant you will have problems getting anything else to stick…

are you sure
are you sure it is the bulkhead and not the hatch?


Lexel -nm

I agree with using Lexel
Hope you didn’t use silicone in the past.

What I do is take a small amount of water, like a cup full, and roll the boat up on its side, pour the water in and slowly roll the boat around until I find which section of the bulkhead is leaking. Then, after it has dried thoroughly, I will seal it with Lexel.

Be sure to check where the skeg cable goes through the bulkhead as well. This had been a source of leaks in my Avocet.

Foam or PE?
P&H has two types - is it made of foam and glued in or welded in PE? ( )

If it’s foam:

Gluing and sealing of PE is always difficult. Prepreparation is important.

urethane for auto windshields