Repairing my boat

I have a Hurricane Aquasport whose cockpit has started to separate from the deck. It’s made of Trilon. Anybody know how to mend? Thanks

From their website
"How hard is it to repair Trylon?

It’s not hard at all! There are many plastic welding adhesives that bond with Trylon for spot repairs, but we recommend the Devcon brand of waterproof bonds. You can use them around bulkheads and cockpit coamings in lieu of caulking or use the adhesive with pieces of ABS plastic for structural repairs."

They don’t make the nature of Trilon clear to me, but it IS clear that epoxies will adhere to it.

Re-attaching a rim to a hull can be tricky. Personally, I might reinforce the repair with glass, but to get you back on the water, go get some Devcon or some thickened West G-flex, tape the rim in place on the inside/underside, position the hull so the epoxy doesn’t tend to run off, and then use something like popsickle sticks to apply a bead of thickened epoxy to the outside/underside of the rim/hull joint. Don’t use so much that it might interfere with whatever skirt you might be using.

Before you apply the epoxy, you should clean, sand, and clean again the surfaces where you will apply the epoxy. West recommends using a quick pass with a propane torch to flame and oxidize the plastic where the epoxy will be applied.

I haven’t used Devcon in years. West G-flex hardens within an hour or two, but needs a day to reach full strength

Coaming cracks
I had a problem with 3 cracks in the vertical part of the coaming toward the rear of my Santee 116. My boat was 4 years old and out of warranty. I emailed the factory to ask how to fix it. They asked for pictures and 2 days later they offered me a great deal on a new boat. Worth a try.