Repairing old canoe

A friend lent me an old canoe to use and I have had the thrwart rip out part of the inner gunwale. It is an OLD Mad River Canoe, but I cannot find a serical number to save my life. It appears to be royalex.

Did they not put serial numbers on these a long time ago?
Go there,

ask and

ye shall find

I take it the gunwales are wood?
You may be able to find a local woodworker who can splice in a piece of ash where the thwart tore out. I had to do that long ago when a thwart tore a piece out of the inner gunwale.

You really don’t have to know the model. You need a willing woodworker and a source of ash and epoxy.

splicing gunwwales
These gunwales appear to have been repaired about 10 times. One side is in four sections and the one I broke is in three. I think it best to just replace the whole thing though I am not sure how easy it wil be to find 1x4 ash in 16 foot lengths.

from mad river
You can order them from Mad River and they are already nice and milled for you.

You can also look here for a kit that’s sold in sections so shipping is cheaper.

Other than that you need a table saw, a steady hand and a router table.


Ipe wood for Gunwales?

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Anyone used Ipe wood on a canoe beforefor gunwales? I can get some but was told it is very hard and may not work for gunwales. Said we needed to get a special blade for the table saw, but that the wood won't rot.

Anyone know if this is good and capable of being milled into a gunwale?

MRC gunwales
They want $180 for a complete set and $115 to ship.

I am trying to do this cheaply since this is an OLD beaten up canoe.

Table Saw
You should be able to find a suitable piece of ash at a woodworking store or maybe Home Depot.

Rip this to the desired width on a table saw then bevel the edges at 45 degrees. You can shape the rest with a block plane followed by heavy sand paper. Then go down to a lighter grit paper. Drill and tap all the holes so you don’t split it.

If you or a buddy lack a table saw try the local community college or a local wood shop that offers classes.


Try Ed’s Canoe
They have all kinds of goodies, including gunwales