Repairing/patching ceconite?

Hi all-

I’m new-ish to kayaking (haven’t done it for a long time, mainly canoe these days) and was recently gifted (meaning $0 spent!) a handmade ceconite skin-on-frame kayak. It’s about 16’ long, Inuit design, about 15+ years old and in great shape EXCEPT for the tear in the hull, where the boat fell onto a table saw apparently. I’d like to repair it over the winter, repaint it, clean up the wood frame a bit. But I’m VERY new to all of this, and starting with the ceconite, have no idea where to get it or what weight to get… I will happily post photos if anyone wants to see and join in this little mystery (for me) endeavor. But maybe there’s already this info out there in this great forum. I’ve been searching and haven’t come across this particular question. The main question is: how to patch the hole - what weight ceconite, what kind of adhesive and any other suggestions. Any advice or thoughts? I so appreciate it! And apologies if this is a repeat question!


Thank you for the suggestions!