Repairing pinhole in FG kayak

I just discovered a small pin hole in my Artisan Millennium. Hole is directly under the seat. Plan is to remove seat, clean area with acetone, sand with fine grit, clean again with acetone and then apply G-flex from the inside.

Am I missing anything?

pin hole repair
Hi Andy,

A repair as you proposed is fine for the pin hole and G-Flex is the best epoxy for this.

I would question why the pin hole is there and should a kevlar patch be applied inside the hull to strengthen the area. It is under the seat so appearance won’t be affected.


If you don’t have G-flex on hand
but have any regular two part epoxy, then don’t spend the bucks for G-flex just for a pin hole leak, and then use a good grade of two part epoxy

Jack L

Cut out a 4" X 4" square around that
hole and put in a real patch. That way you know you got it.

Be a real man!

I must be bored.

have fibreglass cloth
Will put a patch on it. Then I’ll turn it upside down, stick my head in and look for any other potential weak spots and strengthen them.

Just pulled the seat out
On my Artisan, the seat pivots back and forth. The pinhole leak was caused by abrasion from the seat pivoting. I can see it worn down on both sides, but the left hand side has not worn through yet. The seat is fiberglass and I will sand down the part that causes the abrasion and patch both areas that are worn. The pivoting makes the seat quite comfortable and often change my position slightly for comfort.

I think that is a perfect excuse …
for a new yak !

You can advertise this one on C’s L and say “it is in mint condition and only paddled a few times by a little old man”

Jack L

No way will i sell it
I love this boat!

Check your email

Abrasion areas…
have been patched! Will sand the offending seat down next. Let everything dry and reassemble!

Completed the fix
Seat pivots now and doesn’t touch the bottom of the boat. Added two patches and epoxied in place. Sanded the underside of the seat, areas that abraded the hull, no contact now.