repairing scratches on skin-coat kevlar

Hi everyone,

Is there a quick and easy way to deal with scratches on a yellow skin-coat kevlar canoe? I've heard of people using auto buffing compound and ski-wax. Any other suggestions? Of course, I could always put on skid plates, but I don't think the problem is that bad yet. I've hit the fabric in a few places, but not so it's really frazzled.

A second question. I have some of that UV Tech spray to put on too. Does it matter if it is over or under any touch-up I do to those scratches on the kevlar?

I have a Wenonah canoe.

Many thanks!

Talk to the manufacturer.
They may have a preferred method. This may be a tough job because Kevlar will fuzz if not handled properly.

Ask Wenonah
Agree. I’ve found the company responsive and helpful.

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