Repairing Sit on Top Canoes

I have five sit on top canoes, all damaged. Some have major cracks in the nose and others are split around the drain holes on the underside. How easy is it to effect repairs. The hulls will only be used along the shorelines and in calm waters so do not need to be bomb proof as it were.

What do you have
SPTs or Canoes or one of the hybrids like the Synergy?

Is it plastic or Royalex or something else?


Assuming you mean a plastic
sit on top kayak; I repaired the front of mine by melting a plastic stick and working the melting plastic into the hole.

That was about five years ago, and even though it doesn’t look good, the repair has held up just fine.



the guy is from Hong Kong…
…and like the Brits figures that canoe = kayak and that canoes are Canadians.

The term you are looking for
is “plastic welding”

google “plastic welding kayak repair”


see link below
I repaired a hole in my kayak with a heat gun and some plastic “welding rods” provided by the manufacturer. The repaired area has been water tight (although a bit ugly) for a few years now. Just be very carefull not to over heat the area or it could melt away more of the boat!

Here is a very usefull link:

Many thanks will post results of repairs

No idea what they are made out of. All writing is faded off

Will give it a go, thanks

Yeah AND?

Thanks indeed will try it out

plastic welding
I too plastic welded a SOT that had split at the seam. Unfortunatly when you only do one Kayak or SOT it’s not going to be pretty. I does take practice. I linked into the welder off this site ( I think) and they provided me with the rods and instructions. It’s not a pretty weld but it still holding two years later. You may also try your local auto body shop. They use a similar welder/heat gun to repair Auto plastic bumpers.

well when you say…
canoes in that context, most of the people on this board are going to be confused about what you mean.

Most of us are from the USA where we have different names. We are countries separated by a common language. You say “canoe”, we say “kayak”. You say “lift”, we say “elevator”. You say “George Bush, former president of the US,” we say, “Stupid pathological git.”

Just seeing if I could help clear up what you might mean.

Assess first
It’s probably worth you time to assess their overall condition and history before spending too much time and effort attempting to repair them.

If these are old and have been stored outside in the sun for a substantial time it is likely that the plastic has degraded from UV exposure. If the plastic is brittle it’s not worth trying to salvage them.

Canoe repair - fiberglass and gel coat
Restoring exterior of fiberglass canoe that is about 60 years old. My parents bought it about 1969. Tree limb fell on it crushing spine about 1980, so father bumped out the dented area, added 18 inch by 24 inch fiberglass cloth patch in the interior. September 2009, I brought the canoe to my home to do repairs. Has seven cracks in the gel coat in the tree limb damaged area. Fiberglass is still intact under the cracks, but seems weak at the cracks. Also think the entire 17 foot interior needs thin coat of something to reinforce the original fiberglass fibers.

Help!!! How do I proceed to do the external repairs? What products do I use to do repairs? Where can I purchase the items needed?