Repairing T Formex Hull - Seeking Your Insight

Looking for insight on how to repair this hull.

It appears that the boat was hung up by a strap around its belly and suspended in a warm barn. There are no hard creases but there is definitely a hump just in front of the stern seat that is noticeable inside and outside of the boat. When looking at the bottom of hull in the right light its as if there is a flat spot in the shape of a strap.

Link to photos here.

Anyone performed repair of this magnitude on a royalex or T formex boat?



I would suggest posting pics instead of a link to pics.

Yes, can’t access pictures…

Apologies. Please try those links again. Was unable to attach the photos for some reason.

I had some similar dents / hogs in my canoe. I made a piece of wood for the hull and another to bridge under the gunwales drilled a half –inch hole and ran all thread with nuts and washer to make a screw type spreader. I waited for a warm day and screwed the hog out and then let it sit in the sun for a couple weeks and it was out and stayed out. I have seen people also use very hot water not quite boiling to speed the process up. Hot water force the hog out and then cool water.

Not sure how it will work on that material and a kayak but I had good results.

A likely cause would be sitting on top of a car in the sun with cam straps pulled overly tight.

Great idea. Was trying to think up a jig I could use to push out the hull with leverage from the gunwales. What did you use for the wood against the hull?

I just used some 2x2 I had around.
Then i had a spot right under my seat where I put my kayak dolly to roll the canoe fully loaded from the car to the water. That put a lot of weight on that spot and the hull floor would bump in and then pop out once in the water. I didn’t like the flexing so I put a tight fitting foam block under the seat and it supports the hull plus makes the seat really solid.

Anyone else repair royalex?

Did you have any luck with pressure and heat?

Have not had a chance to mess with it.