Repairing Thule H2Go Bracket

One of the pair of H2Go brackets has its rubber cradle cracked where it it attached to the metal bracket. I can pop it back on but because of the crack it pops back off under load. Any suggestions on what might work to glue this back together, even if only temporarily? I have a feeling I’ll have to order a new bracket from Thule.

Call Thule
The Thule folks are one of the best customer service oriented companies that you will ever find. Call Thule’s 800 nmber and tell them about your problem. I would almost bet that they will send you a replacement saddle at no charge. I have had several similar problems with their equipment and they went well above the call of duty to remedy my problem.

Thule Warranty
I had an issue with a Thule bike tray once. I didn’t know this when I bought the bike tray, but Thule racks come with a 5 year warranty (I learned last weekend at an REI sale that Yakima racks come with a 3 year warranty). Anyway, if the damage is not due to abuse, I bet they will replace the parts of the whole saddle. They did for me!

Good luck!

thule help
I had the same thing happen with saddles. Thule replaced 6 of them for me at no charge.

Thule Warranty
After not receiving my replacement part order after 2 weeks I contacted Thule Customer service. The part was still covered by warranty but discontinued and no longer stocked. They cancelled my order and are sending me a set of the new style pads as warranty replacements.