Repairs around the shop.

-- Last Updated: Apr-24-13 12:41 PM EST --

Just a little video of the projects currently "on the bench". Filmed from iPhone, so it's a bit shaky. I'll try and update weekly. Message me if you have any questions.


I love those old Stowes. Had one and still regret selling it. Love the seats on those! Can you still even buy those anymore?

Quick question. On the kayak that you are patching you said something about “bleeder cloth”. What is that? Never heard of it before. Does it make for a smoother patch?

Really enjoyed the video! Thanks.


Bleeder cloth…

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Hi Doug,

Yes, bleeder is great. Leaves a nice finished hand to the patch when done. You need to road trip up here someday so we can have a beer and go through the shop. Hook up with Aaron and make a road trip.

Can't get those seats. Have to get creative or replace both with modern seats so they are the same.


Was Thinking The Same
a visit to your shop! Will be heading to Monkton soon so will give you a heads up and see if I can swing by! Too bad about those seats, mighty comfy. Still have one on my Malecite!