Repairs in NJ

Need some help locating repair services in/around NJ.

I have an Old Town Cayuga 160 and I want to get some minor work done on it, including:
• replace the deck bungee;
• replace the dual-eyelet that holds the rudder control line to the deck;
• the rudder control line itself;
• one of the rivets attaching the rudder assembly to the stern has broken free + needs to be reseated;
• a few small pieces of hardware need to be replaced/repaired inside the cockpit, including one of the attachment points for the rudder control cable that has suffered some erosion from salt water exposure;
• updating the seat (if possible)

Any suggestions for services?

Most of what you describe are simple fixes, do it yourself.

Yes that’s all simple stuff; a morning’s work at the most.

Since Jersey Paddler in Brick Township closed down a few years ago I really don’t know where you’d go.

Places like topkayaker, Austin Kayak or Outdoorplay would probably have everything you need in stock.