my wife bought a OT sport canoe for me for father’s day. Who makes this? i cant find them on the internet. Im sure it’s not an old town because it was only 400 dollars at Sams club. Im concerned about the abrasion it’s taking already. I want to recoat it I think , any suggerstions?

looks like
it’s made by “johnson outdoors”, probably poly hull, and I think I see a little “reverse rocker”?

I wouldn’t worry about abrasion. I spray my heavily used royalex boats(95% whitewater usage) with Krylon fusion for cosmetics and use JB weld for dent repair, sometimes epoxy resin.Most boats I see have a little hull between the scratches ;-).

Like he says,
battle scars are a sign you have lived.

Land Rovers and Jeeps with no dents or scuffs have probably never been off road…


A boat with no scratches is probably
not being enjoyed.

Its not fine China,

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or Waterford Crystal, its just a boat for boating.

Recently, I saw a female mountain bike friend walking her dog thru our neighberhood, on my way home from ww boating. Stopped to say hello. She looked up at my old Pyranha Inazone on top of my shiny new F-150 and in the most lustful tone of voice I've ever heard, she gushed and said, "wow, that looks well used". I was sort of uncomfortable at how much this turned her on! True story!