Reparing P&H Carbon Kevlar Kayak???

My Carbon Kevlar Cetus took a pretty good hit and split a bit at the seam. It will require a patch on the inside and gel coat work. I am brining it to a local boat repair guy who did some repair work on my fiberglass Aries. He did good work, but I am sure he has never repaired a carbon Kevlar boat.

Do they require anything special to repair? Can they be patched with normal resin and fiberglass mat? The repair will be on the inside so I don’t care about what it looks like nor how much weight it adds, etc. Or do they need to have carbon Kevlar matting in order to adhere correctly, etc?

I only ask because I have heard that Kevlar boats are harder to repair, but not sure what makes that the case.


I think you have to use epoxy resin, but best to check with P&H. I would also check with them about the gel coat.

Speak to Mike Patterson at P&H USA. He should be in on Monday.

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