replace deck lines and bungi cord

Need to replace 10 y/o stuff, looking at the reflective cord and bungi. Are most diameters the same? I have an old poly tempest 170. I heard there are different strenth bungi cords also…thx for input…

Waiting to hear from Waterspyder on this as usual…he’s a lurker sometimes :slight_smile:

I just replaced mine
I used a drill bit to determine the size of the existing bungee cord. Bungee on my old Wilderness Systems Alto was 1/4". I ordered the replacement cord from NRS

Bungees are easy
I have ordered from NRS, MEC if you’re in canada, or most hardware stores will have it. Most common size i’ve seen is 1/4", some had 5/16". Just cut off the old stuf and thread the new stuff in. Just google a fishermans knot, it makes a decent looking knot for the deck.

The reflective lines themselves i haven’t replaced yet, so i’m not sure where you would find them

New York Kayak Company

Thx folks, got some work to do. Safe paddling

Found good prices for bulk stuff
in a variety of colors and sizes from and quality has been fine so far. Bought two hanks a bit back and got free shipping. R