Replace Kayak Floats?


I bought a used OldTown Vapor 10 to match the one I already had for my wife. Tt is missing the styrofoam floats in front and rear.

Can I buy inflatable replacements for them? Would you suggest that I do that?



Close cell foam aka MiniCell Foam
One source for it

a michigan source:

If you’re going to have a “profile”
at least let us know your approximate location and what sort of waters you paddle. It makes us more able to provide feedback. Plus, we know where to send the drones.

If you get on even easy whitewater, or out on wavy lakes, installing inflatable float bags will make your boat far more buoyant after a flip or a swamping than the foam floats put in by manufacturers. But if you’re only lilydipping on millponds, a little foam is plenty.

Float Bags

thanks for the replies. I am planning on doing rivers and open water in Michigan so maybe I should replace with inflatable float bags. Do you have any idea of what size i should use?

10 feet Width: 28.5 inches Cockpit: 19.5 by 48 inches Depth: 16.75 inches

I was hoping to buy a size that I could use in the future when I upgrade to a better model, probably more thin and touring than recreational, assuming the ugraded dont come with inflatable floats when purchased

thanks Again

Keeping stuff in place
When the water rushes in, what keeps the bags in place,

so they don’t just pop to the surface ?

Think ahead about clips, rings, attach points.

Glued in foam has advantages
It can’t go flat at an inconvenient moment, and it offers support to the hull in case you should pin the boat. Most WW boats have a longitudinal foam pillar and boaters add float bags for increased buoyancy. The best of both worlds.



touring boats

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Float bags are a lot less common in touring boats, as most touring style boats come with bulkheads and waterproof hatches. Some people do use float bags in addition if they are doing more adventurous stuff (check out any videos by Neptune's Rangers if you want to see what I mean by adventurous stuff - And a few touring boats come without front bulkheads, so float bags are sometimes used. But the vast majority of currently built touring boats don't need them.

They were much more common about 20 years ago, before bulkheads and hatches were as common.

What people said about attaching the float bag is important. If you flood a boat and the float bag isn't attached or otherwise very firmly held in place, the bag will float out.

I would go with a basic but reasonably inexpensive float bag. With your boat being kinda wide, the more square type would work fine. You don't need the split type, which fit around skeg boxes. And don't worry if the shape isn't exactly right, as the bag will inflate to fill the space it has.