Replace orbix hatch on Pungo 120

Has anyone done this? Mine is 2015 and hatch is broken. I unscrewed all the screws and I tried to remove the broken hatch and it won’t come off. I’m afraid to break it. I cannot did any instructions or videos on how to do it. Has anyone replaced the hatch?

I replaced mine with little trouble. The hatch broke but the replacement from WS included the ring the hatch sits in plus sealant. Getting the ring out takes some work because of the sealant.

Have you ever removed the seat? How difficult is it? I may have to replace the bungies

Have never had to remove the seat.

Try heat gun warming of the flange to soften the sealant. Gentle prying. Might break both but new one will likely have new flange. Use some 4100 to reseal.

removing the seat, is no problem, only 4 bolts hold it on, remove them, you’ll have to twist the seat around, to get it out, but fairly easy, then just replace the bungee, I used 1/4" bungee, without any problems.