Replaceing Gunwales

-- Last Updated: Dec-30-09 7:48 PM EST --

my canoe has aluminum Gunwales and one got bent and I'd like to replace them with vinyl I'll take all the help I can get. I have a blue hole OCA-5728

I'd like to thank every one for there help.

When I replaced my gunwales I needed help from a strong young guy. I probably could have used two. If you get a copy of wenonah’s composite repair video it will describe Gunwale replacement nicely.

I would suggest marking on the hull where the twarts and hangers are.

Use a small drill and drill out the pop rivets holding on the old gunwales.

Wait 3 months for the replacement gunwales to come in.

With Aluminum you put the gunwales over the hull and tape down firmly.

Then Drill trying to avoid the old holes. As you drill I would stick a roofing nail in the holes to keep alignment till I was comfortable then pop rivet once I was satisfied.

The thickness of your hull may affect
your choice of replacement gunwales. Vinyl gunwales (with aluminum inserts, usually) are usually sized for Royalex, a relatively thick material. Aluminum gunwales for quality canoes are sized depending on the thickness of the composite laminate.

Eric Nyre, who appears regularly on this board, may be helpful, as well as CE Wilson. Both have knowledge about what gunwales will fit which boats, and how to get gunwales. You need to let us know what boat you’re repairing.

Gunwales would be expensive to ship by themselves, but are cheaper to ship if they are put inside one of the canoes a manufacturer is sending to your local dealer. Timing the shipment to coincide with spring boat shipments may help.

Took Charlie a while for the
reasons you described when he fixed my boat.

Its not too early to get in touch with whoever you are ordering gunwales from for shipment with spring boat orders. It really is the most cost effective way.

Where is CEW? (I heard some muttering about bending gunwales to fit. The ones I needed were not prebent)