Replacement aftermarket seat for 2016 Passat G3

Greetings fellow paddlers,

I recently purchased a used Seward Passat G3. This vessel is missing one of the factory seat cushions. I could buy a seat cushion. However, I suspect there are better options for a retrofit…perhaps with the integrated back. Amazon is full of kayak seat options. Has anyone out there found a good one?

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I’ve been paddling for the last three decades. Most often, I am cruising Prince William Sound in my Epic 18X.

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I just want to add that I am seeking advice specifically for the Passat G3. There are so many replacement seats out there. Help me narrow the search. I’m sure someone has retrofitted a G3 ?

I do paddle with separate seat and backbands on my Epic kayaks. This boat is more a touring vessel for novice paddlers onboard.

Just my own preference (after having owned over a dozen sea kayaks) but I like to have a separate back band and seat pad. I find having a one piece seat inhibits my torso movement while paddling and also limits my adjustment options. Also means that you are stuck replacing the whole thing when the seat wears out (which usually happens before the seat back does.) TopKayaker sells a range of seat pads and backbands. Might be worth looking at what they have and even calling them if you have questions about what might work, as they have a deep knowledge of replacing components in out-of-productions boats.

Does is have combing legs? I think it does. Width between them is?