replacement back band

I recently purchased a valley avocet and am looking to replace the back band (surprise, surprise). Any suggestions on a good quality replacement?

I have a North Shore Inc. backband, really good

Bomber Gear or Immersion Research
Mostly all Bomber Gear here, but IR has some nice backbands too.

On my Anas Acuta
I took the pad off the strap on the stock backband, and duct taped some closed-cell foam onto it as a short term solution until I could find a “perfect” backband.

3 years later, I’m still using the duct tape and foam, because it IS “perfect” for me.

Go figure.

Snapdragon makes a good backband - some attach with nylon straps, some connect with wide rigid plastic.

No back band
try this.

I know it works well in an explorer and should with some adjustment in a Nordkapp I just purchased. In the NDK I found i could roll easily with it and I became less and less dependent on the rest after time

Cool idea
I like that foam thingy. If I could find a nice carbon or FG seat pan as shown, I think I’d give one a try in my SOF.

using these in all the boats now… much more comfortable and easy to customize as needed.

As above, I prefer a foam back rest, or nothing, instead of a backband. It’s hard to rotate as freely with a white-water style backband. Plus it will encourage you to sit up since there’s nothing to lean on.

Rolling is no problem without a backband, whether it’s greenland styles or c to c or modified sweep, etc. No need for a backrest.

replaced mine with
a SOT foam back rest , 3 yaks bout 8-10 yrs. ago


Foam Block
…in all boats, including the AvocetLV and, as soon as I can stand to be in our unheated cellar, in the new Pintail.

I’ve yet to find a back band that works for me.

…on the immersion research. Hopefully it will work out better for me. I’m not trying to make it a lazy boy, but the factory backband just seems uncomfortable the minute I start paddling. Thank you all for the responses!

I replaced my Aquanaut backband
with a Harmony backband from Wilderness Systems. It is better than the Valley backband.

The problem with the Valley backband may be that the seat pan is too high in the rear of the seat so you can’t really reach the backband.

I rarely use a backband anymore courtesy of Valley (although I love the boat).

I was just thinking about dropping you a line about my pintail. :slight_smile:

Did you get a shiny new one?

Very used…
…Pintail. A '92, in fact; purple/black/white. Chimp pump, no day hatch, rope skeg. Paddled 5 times (I have no idea how many times before that as it was given to the seller by a boy friend)and has been sitting in a barn north of here.

However, drop me a line about your Pintail…