Replacement Backand

-- Last Updated: Aug-25-13 4:25 PM EST --

After many years, the backband on my NDK Romany Explorer is about to self-destruct. Any suggestions on a favored replacement?

Lounge Band
I really like the Immersion Research Lounge Band Back band and installed one this year in my Aquanaut after having one in my Nordkapp the past few years. About $60 on-line and can be installed various ways (as demonstrated on their website). I use the Pro straps.

IR Lounge back band!
I did the same as the previous person. Both on my Aquanaut and on my Etain. Simply the best back band on the market.

Check it out on YouTube.

I love the IR lounge band, very adjustable and durable. The only down side is that the lounge band may ride a little higher than most “stock” bands, and it can interfere with your spray skirt if it (the spray skirt) rides low.

I put them on every boat I own.

Lounge away with IR! NM
Just another plug for IR. Most common retrofit I do to kayaks.

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