Replacement C-Tug replacement *pneumatic* wheels/tires

I’m looking to “downgrade” a C-Tug kayak cart from the flexible wheels to the original pneumatic wheels. I think they’ll work better on asphalt and gravel.

The tire is tagged as:


The wheel is labelled 210-4.

Looks like it’s a 3" wide wheel, and the axle insert is 1" (which is larger than the typical cart wheel).

Note…I already have one C-Tug with these wheels and am looking for a second set.

I can’t seem to find a matching wheel/tire package anywhere. Would appreciate pointers if anyone has found them, or if you’ve got a spare set of C-Tug pneumatic wheels sitting around…


Is the actual axel size 1" or is this the bearing size. All of the tires of this size that I have found take axel sizes of ½" - ¾" Most are 5/8" and some of the ones that are ¾" come with bushings for the smaller sizes.

As you have probably found, C-Tug has discontinued the pneumatic tires. You might want to check with the manufacturer.

The bore of the wheel is 1". The C-Tug wheels don’t actually have bearings…they just run plastic against plastic, which, when you mix in sand, is sometimes no bueno.

What wheel are you using now?

I’ve got a couple of C-Tugs, two with the extended sand wheels and one with the original pneumatic wheels. I haven’t had a chance to use the original setup yet, but I do expect that it will work better for me, as my 8 minute walk to the kettle pond is mostly asphalt and gravel, with only a 25’ sand traverse at the end.

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Might be a long shot, but check some of the larger hardware stores or other companies that sell pneumatic tires for things like hand trucks, wheelbarrows, and garden carts. Look for wheels that have replaceable bearings that are 1" OD or larger. You might be able to remove the bearings and use the wheels. If larger that 1"OD, electric motor shops carry bushings to reduce the size to 1". If the bearings are not held in with snap rings on both sides, you may have to drill out the back side to 1". Use a dry lubricant like graphite powder to reduce the wear on the plastic axels.

Thanks…I’ve been doing a lot of searching for likely replacement wheels. They all seem to be set up for smaller axle diameters.