Replacement eyelets?

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I have a Heritage Featherlite 9.5 and one of the eyelets (whatever it’s called) that you thread the bungee cord through on the bow of the boat broke. Does anyone know if this can be fixed and where to get a replacement part? I looked around on the Heritage website and did not see anything but I emailed them anyway. Any advice is appreciated.



Try searching for

I’m pretty sure captdick has them as well as many other supply stores. They have the sealant and SS bolts/rivets/wellnuts to attach them.

Most times they are nylon (plastic), but some folks use bronze. I prefer the nylon because I’d rather the padeye fail than have something rip a chunk out of my boat.


Replacement eyelets?
Thanks so much, I will search around for them. So that explains why they are made of plastic instead of metal!

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