Replacement hatch covers Prijon Seayak

I was recently given on old plastic Prijon Seayak 16ft. The hatch covers were left out in the sun and warped. It definitely has not been treated well and needs some TLC.

I’d love to fix this up and use it as buddy boat. Any idea where I could find replacement covers? I’ve spent about 2 hours searching the web with no luck.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


– Last Updated: Jul-06-11 10:51 AM EST – will most likely have to deal with the USA office directly (Wildnet) for Prijon's since all replacement parts usually come from Germany. This is what I had to do with my boat. Be forewarned service can be slow. Better to email the USA head guy in Colorado from the "contact us" list. I had to go thru the guy in Pennsylvania for my parts since I live in NY state. Their website for parts is notorious for not loading and lack of pictures. Prijon online needs a serious overhaul!!
PS: you can try contacting a prijon dealer and see if they have stripped any scrapped out kayaks for parts.

Thanks trout
Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

I have a Prijon Cruiser, the hatch leaks
badly all the time. The problem is that the top deck flexes and makes an opening between the hatch rim and cover seal. There’s just no way to fix it and needs to be replaced with metal.