Replacement Hatch covers

Where can you get replacement hatch covers? Lost one today on I95!!??!?!?!?!?!?


At your dealer
be prepared for sticker shock. You can check ebay as well

still need help

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Not having much luck getting the hatch cover thru my local dealer---he says he has to place a $200 order and at this time of the year he won't do that. Anyone have any extremely helpful dealers to recommend to me?? Thanks

(Need bow hatch cover for a 2003 Perception Carolina 14.5)

You Might Try
to go directly to the manufacture. Ive taken a look at several manufacture websites and some of them have a customer service link.

Good Luck,


tried that
I did call the manufacturer—they gave me the part number and said I had to order thru a dealer! I’m afraid I’m getting the run-around!

You need a new dealer!
When I went into Carl and John’s in Madison to order hatch covers for a Riot they took them off a new boat in the showroom and then ordered new ones from Riot I don’t think they handle Perception, but Rutabagas in Madison does and I have seen random hatch covers in their showroom. Offshore Marine in Vernon Hills IL has Perception boats and I have purchased a lot of parts and accessories from them that I have not seen stocked elsewhere. Bay Shore Outdoor Store in Sister Bay, WI also handles Perception boats. All have rentals and if you lost the cover I’m sure someone else already lost a cover while renting. Good Luck.

I forgot about Ralph
I forgot about the Granddaddy of them all. Chicagoland Canoe Base.

They broke their website yesterday, but they have an entire store (attic, shop, …) full of parts.


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I'll keep trying. Unfortunately, I do not live near Chicago.

Try the internet
Local “dealer” won’t help with your problem?

First, I wil NEVER EVER buy anything from them because of their poor customer relations.

Next, you might try the internet dealers.

Run a seach for dealers selling your boat make (location is really not an issue

any state in the lower 48 from Washington to Florida.)

Harvest customer service e-mail addys (and phone numbers) from the web sites.

Write a nice note explaining your problem and ask if they can help you out

Send the mail to each addy you found.

I suggest you don’t forget the follow up. If several reply, decide on which one you want to use and send a thank you note to the others who took the time to reply.

This method has solved several of my gear problems in the past.

Alabama Small Boats

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Call (205) 424-3694 or (800) 874-5272

Birmingham Alabama......

Scratch that below...they ordered it...$24.00 retail, it will be in next Monday, and for a small charge will mail it to you...tell them I called and ordered it name is John.

They are checking with Perception and WILL order it for you...

Any problems, post here and we will make arrangements. If I have to drive down, pick it up, and mail it to you......

Thanks for your help. I just got a call from Jersey Paddler before I checked my e-mail and they were able to order it for me and ship it directly to me. I appreciate you ordering it for me—too bad I didn’t check here before they called. Thanks again!

No Problem…
I now have a hatch cover for anyone who needs it…Keep this thread in mind if anyone you all out there know needs a bow hatch cover…(P.S…this is REALLY okay…I paddle a 14.5 Carolina…so I have a mismatched spare [mine is a 2004])

willing to give it up to anyone who needs it tho…

Just in case something happens to the one that had been ordered for me, I will keep this information. You never know what is going to happen!

Still need it

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To SuperTroll---do you still have this hatch cover. The dealer ordered one for me on 8/15 and I still don't have it. Dealer told me it was because of company changes with Perception. I just called Perception and was told the hatch covers are expected anyday---but I need it by 9/15. If you have it---I will buy it. Thanks