Replacement hatch covers?

I’m looking for a nice, used, affordable 14 to 16-foot SOT, with preference to speed and light weight. I know, one or another of those characteristics is usually missing.

So, I’ve seen a Heritage Fisherman Pro 14 that is missing a hatch cover. I think I read somewhere that’s a 10-inch hatch, maybe same as Seadart? Not sure if maybe same size as Redfish, which may be the only current model that might have part available.

I’ve done a bit of Googling, and have mostly found Perception and WS round hatch covers at 10 inches. I did see one listing for Redfish cover, but no size listed.

I’d like to hear about interchangeability of Heritage covers, and sources, if anyone knows.

Since my title is generic enough, maybe others could use this thread to inquire and find info on other hatch covers, as well.

A missing hatch cover could lead to a bargain used purchase, if a replacement could be acquired.


Older Heritage covers are available
My inquiry to Heritage was answered affirmatively:

“These hatches are available. You can order through a local dealer or Get Outdoors 336-294-3918 will drop ship.”