Replacement seat for Mainstream jazz Kayak

I’ve read on this site that this kayak has been discontinued. Having a problem locating exact duplicate.
There’s only one receptacle on each side of seat for seat straps to be connected. Most seats seem to have 2 sets of straps. The current seat (which is shot) only has one set of straps.

Does the kayak look something like this?

(photo from internet)

I see pad eyes both in front and behind the seat. So you likely could use something like the Ocean Kayak Comfort Backrest (only clips on the front) or the Comfort Plus Seat Back (clips front and back, has soft bottom which should conform to the seat pan on your boat)[0]=vars_prd_var_wc_watercraft%3A86816

That’s it. Awesome. THANK YOU!!!
Got another issue with this kayak. I’ve had a couple of SOTs years ago and never had a wet ride. I do with this one. Been going crazy trying to find waterproof pants or shorts. I have the Kokatat paddling pants, will try them. What do you think about plugging up the 2 scupper holes underneath the seat.

Plugging scuppers holes usually will not make you drier, as much of the water comes from above (paddle drip, waves, etc.).

Where I work, most of the guided trips are using sit on tops fr the clients, and it is a wet ride for most. We tell them right up front to expect to get wet. Wearing clothes that give you protections you need (from cold, sun, etc.) while wet, or clothes that keep you dry, is the way to go.

The closer the paddlers are to the max capacity of the boat, the more they will be sitting in puddles and the wetter they will be. So if you can find specs on this bat and find you are closer to its max weight, you may want to upgrade to a larger SOT which would be a drier (but not dry) ride.

First -do you know how much this kayak weights? There is no Purchased with a broken seat so the one time I went out with it was not very pleasant. It did handle ok though. I’m working on both the scupper plugs, the right paddling clothing and getting a new seat. My other kayak is an Eddyline Sky 10. I’ve used it for both lakes and the Long Island Sound. And I love it. But I store it in a garage. This Jazz is stored outside at a local marina. I’m too paranoid to store the Eddyline outside like that. BTW-your right about seat receptacles in the front and back.