Replacement seat for Necky Sky

Hi there, folks. New to this forum. I recently came into ownership of two Necky Skys, without seats, alas, since the originals were supposed to be very good. I’m curious for advice as to replacement seats that may fit. I’m willing to spend a decent amount for good seats as my aging back enjoys comfort and support. But I’m flummoxed as to where to start re sizing and what to look for as far as mounting, etc.

Or maybe I shouldn’t invest another dime in such an old boat.

Thanks in advance.


Contact Tom at TopKayaker and see what he suggests. While you’re at it, look into adding some flotation as those kayaks have none. Good luck!

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If that doesn’t work, Old Town Canoe is the same company You can contact them to see if they have parts or suggestions. Often the same seats are used across the different kayak models.

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