Replacement Seat for Necky Tesla


I own an older model Necky Tesla that I bought used about 8 years ago. The seat has broken and I am looking for a repalcement seat. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket seat that would fit this kayak? Or if there is some way to repair the plastic fram that has broken?


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As owner of an old Necky, I’d like to
ask in what way your seat broke?

I’ve done a good bit of cutting on the plastic seat in my Looksha Sport, because the seat was too narrow for my fat ass.

Necky seat
The seat broke at the point where it is rivited to the kayak. The plastic split around one of the rivits. For now the seat is still functional, but I would like to get it fixed or replaced.

You can purchase the entire ACS seat assembly that Necky is using in their new boats for about $150.