Replacement Seat for Perception Eclipse `17

After many years and many many miles, my seatback straps rusted through and broke. It is an old model and replacement seats seem tricky to get. Given I am a casual, non performance kayaker, I was thinking I could get a standalone seat that generally works in kayaks. However, most that I see seem to be for sit-on top kayaks, with the clips etc.

Does anyone know if there is a good solution ?

Thank you!

Reverse engineer the straps to make your own with new strapping. Nylon strapping is easy to work with - I use 30 lb test dacron (or monofilament) fishing line for thread with a heavy upholstery needle. Not a hard do-it-yourself repair at all.

Hardest part will be understanding how the seat straps are set up - suggest you take photos before you do any disassembly so you can refer to them when putting it back together.

Depending on the seat and accessibility to stitch/work, you may decide to remove the seat. That is your call. I have done the repairs both ways, removing the seat or not removing the seat - each time has been kayak dependent.