Replacement Seat for QCC kayak


Love my newly acquired QCC Q600; hate the seat. Please let me know of replacement seats that would fit the Q600 and offer more support and comfort.



Seats have always been their weak point.
I switched to a Wilderness Systems backband and usse one of the Tri-fold seat cushion or similar. On long trips I’ll take two cushions and switch. to change pressure points.

Good luck



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I agree with Randy, the seats are a problem. I took the seat out of my Q400 and put waffle foam (i.e. a cut up camp pad) directly on the seat pan, it's now comfortable. I added a Snapdragon backband, works great.

It's simple to test this setup, should be more than enough support in a Q600.

My wife had problems with hers
and added foam ridge rest. We glued two pieces together.

Then she changed to a Snap Dragon back band.

I am lucky and can paddle all day long with mine and never experience any problem.

The only time I lean back is if I am taking a break.

jack L

To determine height on backband
You can use two fender washers on each end of the band and clamp them to the front of the seat post.Once your happy you can drill holes near the center of the post. It’s good to use the fender washers on both sides and SS Nylock nuts or Loctite to keep them on. Sand or file any burrs on the phillips head.



I’m not remembering having to drill - I think I used holes that were already there for the QCC seat, could that be right? It was a while ago…

Same here
There was no drilling required.

just last week, I replaced every “stainless” bolt, nut, washer, and screw on two QCC’s that were starting to rust and leave nasty rust streaks.

The nuts that held the studs that held the cable keepers broke right off the studs in several places.

Salt water, carbon/Kevlar and cheap Chinese stainless are a bad match !

Jack L