Replacement seat pads Tarpon 120

I have two Tarpon 120’s, one with the Phase 3 seat and one with the version just prior to Phase 3 (Phase 2?). What is everyone using for replacement pad/cover for the back rest and the seat cushion? I can’t seem to find any one that has any stock of either. Wilderness Systems site just says they are obsolete and refer you to a vendor that also has no stock of them.


Here is a picture of the pads I am referring to on the Phase 3 seating which I had incorrectly referred to as the earlier “(Phase 2?)”. On closer inspection, the other Tarpon has the Airpro (not the Airpro Max) seat.

Best suggestion is to call Tom Holtey at If anyone will have it, Tom will. And if not, he will probably be able to suggest an alternative solution.

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