replacement seat

thinking of replaceing the seat and back band in my romany lv with a valley or p&h seat, interseted to know if anybody has done this regs.

Have you considered the minicell foam

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replacement system offered by redfishkayak? Great hull support, adds floatation, can be trimmed to fit you.

replacment seat
Hi looks great worth considering thanks could be the solution regs louie.

Which seat are you replacing?
The hung glass seat? There have been several threads about that process before.

As for suitable seats, I’m using a CLC minicell seat. (My boat was supposed to have had a hung glass seat but NDK put NO seat in it.) It is sort of like the NDK foam seat but instead of a fabric cover it is smooth foam. It has “wings” on the sides like the NDK seat does. I glued mine in after testing it loose first. Easy to do. The seat is comfortable.

I’m using a SnapDragon WW backband because I don’t like the NDK backbands.

Another conversation about exactly
the same thing here

And I think the Bumfortable is no longer available?? Perception do one that is about the same thing but looking at the redfish seat …well that dose look nice!