Replacement seat

My brother picked up an older Pungo kayak for next to nothing and it is a pretty good kayak but the seat in it isn’t very comfortable. I’ve got a Perception kayak with a pretty nice seat - very comfortable for my back - and was wanting to get him a replacement seat for Christmas.

Three questions:

  1. Do you have any suggestions for a good seat for the Pungo?

  2. Have you ever replaced a seat in one of these or in a another rotomolded kayak and do you have any suggestions/hints?

  3. Are there things to avoid or steer clear of with replacement seats?

    Thanks a bunch and make it a great day!


Kind of a lame answer…
but WS website has outstanding how-to videos. You’ll have to order a new seat from Harmony Gear. As long as you’re reasonably handy, none of this is hard.

To be more helpful
Here is a link to WS how-to on seats:

It might help to know how, specifically,
the Pungo seat is uncomfortable. I’ve modified uncomfortable seats by adding foam to the back edge, or the front edge, or by carefully cutting windows in the lateral uprights where my hip sockets needed more room. I think there’s a very good chance that seat can be made comfortable without going to the trouble of installing a different seat.


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I think the biggest gripe that he has is that he doesn't have much back support with the seat. I imagine that padding would help. One aspect that I like about the seat I have and the one my wife has is that there is some vertical adjustment to help with the back. I don't think his has much in that department.

thanks for the link!
I’ll check it out though I’m now wondering if we can mod the seat he has to improve things.