Replacement seats for Old Town 12

I found an Old Town Stillwater 12 for $350 that comes with a questionable working trolling motor and broken seats. How much are replacement seats and is this a good canoe? I just want to go on local lakes to go fishing. Trying to keep my expenses at a minimum. Thanks.

contact Old Town
or make your own… You can buy seats from Eds Canoe also.

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Never seen or paddled an Old Town Stillwater, but I have a 12’ Solo canoe and can’t imagine how a fatter canoe of that length would paddle with TWO people? That said, those that own them seem to like them according to the reviews:

Now, as for SEATS, here’s an excerpt from a recent thread about “Ed’s Canoe” and their seats. If you call them, they will also cut the seats to the width you need them. Here’s what I wrote:

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of boats and refurbished them. Recently bought the first new one I’ve bought in years, but the seat placement isn’t what I’ve wanted so off to Ed’s I go to see what they have. Bought exactly what I wanted for $20 and shipping. Looking in the little drop down menu in their “Cleaning out the closet” I see several seats less than $20. There’s a fancy cherry contoured seat for less than $25. I’ve got a handful of old seat frames myself and entertain the thought of repairing them. But when I can pick them up from Ed’s so reasonably…

Click on the link, then click on “Ash” and it opens up a drop down menu of overstock seats, thwarts, yokes, and hardware.

Two Sources, both under E
Ed’s Canoe in VT is 877.284.8237 and online

Essex Industries is in NY, 518.942.6671

Both make standard quality flat cane canoe seats and better webbed ones.

The key is that they use different cross bar spacing; I do not remember which is which.

Measure the cross bar hole spacing on your OT, determine which builder’s seat’s will match, etc, etc.

Thanks for the info. I’ll contact them.