Replacement Skeg

I have an old pelican Zest with a detachable skeg. On my last trip, I hit a good-sized rock and lost the skeg. Pelican says the kayak is too old and they don’t sell that style anymore, much less have a replacement skeg available. It was just a flat piece that slid into a channel at the bottom of the kayak. Anyone have any idea where I could get one?

I’m by no means an expert, and
There could be more useful suggestions, but that’s what I’d do in such case:

  • Check other websites, say ebay …, that sell used parts.
  • Maybe by chance someone has one laying around, not necessarily the same, but as long as the skeg fits into the channel.
  • As a last resort (which is a bit more involved), if you know somebody handy, you can always customize/build your own skeg from a piece of wood with the right measurements. There’s at least one video, from someone that built a whole wood skeg+base in one hour time. Albeit it’s not the same as your situation, it shows that it can be done. Link below: