replacement Valley decals?

Perhaps this is vain, but I was considering buffing my pintail since I’ll have all the decklines off it for replacement. Then I figured if I was doing that, wouldn’t it be nice not to have to buff around the decals. So, now I’m thinking extreme kayak makeover. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get the “Valley” and “Pintail” decals anywhere?

The Kayak Centre of Rhode Island sent me a new Valley decal after I screwed up one on the deck of my Aquanaut. I didn’t use it as it was one of the newer ones Valley puts on the side of the hull – much bigger than the original deck decal. They also gave me a spare Nordkapp LV decal as one was a bit scraped on my first Nordlow. So I’d start with them.

If that doesn’t work, you might email Peter Orton, who runs/owns Valley. He used to post on this board farily often…

I sent the Kayak Centre an email yesterday asking them about the decals and gelcoat to match my green and yellow boat. Just got a call from Jake that he was sending me the decals and gelcoat - no charge. That’s service! I’m very impressed.

If I had realized that the Kayak Centre was also GRO (the Valley distributor) I would have asked them last week when I placed an order with them. They could have just stuck the gelcoat and decals in that package.

Anyways, two thumbs up for The Kayak Centre/GRO!

Bought a couple boats there
they’ll do free repairs after the warranty is up, too, if they think the repair was faulty workmanship and you bought the boat there. At least they did for me.

Nice to hear
that they’re keeping up the GRO name very well. Was sad to see it leave MI, but am glad it’s in good hands.