Replacement Valley Hatch Cover

I found a tear in the round Valley hatch cover on my Wilderness Systems Tchaika. I measured the OD of the cover and it is just shy of 9", whereas the OD of the rim on the kayak is 8" and the ID of the rim is a little over 7-1/2". The only round Valley hatch covers I see online are 7-1/2". This must be the right size? Right? Is there a good place (cheaper, perhaps?) to order one? Thanks in advance.

Valley makes
a round hatch and an oval hatch. Get the round one! Jersey Paddler had a good price on them last year.

Bought one for a spare while I was at Canoecopia. It was $36

The River Connection

Owned by frequent Pnetter Marshall. Very nice guy, knows all the answers you seek, and I have personally bought a set of Valley hatch covers from him by mail.

Atlantic Kayak Tours
I’ve purchased both Valley and NDK/Kajak-Sport hatch covers from Atlantic Kayak Tours:

Went up a tad
They’re now $38, VCP day hatch round cover.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.