Replacing a Fore/Aft Sections of KeelEazy Keel Guard

I have a keel guard and its torn and coming off a few feet from the front and a few feet from the back.

Is it feasible to replace just these sections by overlapping the new and old strips like shingles, or does the whole thing need to replaced. It is a long 17 foot boat and KeelEazy is 4 dollars per foot.

It’s best to replace the whole thing. Overlaps just provide a place that may catch and if overlapping the new over the old, if the adhesive is already failing on the old tape, it will probably continue to fail, including under where the new tape is now glued to the old tape.

Personally, I’ve given up on KeelEazy. Not only does the adhesive eventually fail, but every major scratch on the hull of my boat that I’ve bothered to re-gelcoat is on either side of the keel, not on the keel itself.

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I agree with rstevens15 on this. I think it would be asking for more trouble. I would suggest replacing the whole thing with new KeelEazy or fiberglass tape.

I agree that its best to replace the whole strip. I just wanted to be sure.

I have a very heavy big person expedition boat…Its lands on rocks in Maine most often. I have been able to land in a few inches of water and get out. But the keelstrip has been a good investment for getting the boat out of the water

No on to the paddle in another post…

I tried short pieces. Didn’t work so I use a complete strip.

There is someone on youtube who says they were successful by tapering the width of short pieces close to end/beginning of the strip.

I have not tried it.

Radius ends of tape where they meet.

To be clear the radius (tapering) occurs on the new tape when placed over the old tape.

I would just butt the radius ends not lap them like placing to quarters 25¢ side two side. It won’t stick to the rough surface of the tape. How wide is your eazykeel tape?